About Us

Arthveda Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. (AVFM or Arthveda) was established in 2005 and was earlier known as DHFL Venture Capital India Pvt. Ltd.(DHFLVC). DHFLVC has been renamed as Arthveda. Arthveda is subsidary of Wadhawan Global Capital Limited.

Guiding Principle – Value Investing

Value investing was pioneered by Ben Graham, the investment guru of Warren Buffet and is based on three basic principles of Search strategy, Valuation strategy and Discipline & patience. Value Investing is normally applied and well understood in stock market and equity investing. The basic mantra of Value Investing is that a discount in intrinsic value gives you “margin-of-safety”. 

The low risk is there because of the margin-of-safety and high returns are automatic as one pays a low price and therefore in contrast to the well-known principle of finance, “high return and high risk,” this gives “high returns with low risk.”

Arthveda’s investing philosophy is based on “Value Investing” in real estate. Most likely this is one of the first opportunistic real estate funds in the world to be based on Value Investing.